4 Importance of regular medical checkup

Regular medical checkup
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Only few percentage of the population know the importance of regular medical checkup. Some people feel checking their health status means a disease will be diagnosed and this will stigmatize them. Some feel there are more important things they could do with money rather than spending it on regular checkup. Every penny or time spent on regular medical checkup aims at saving and extending life.

What is regular medical checkup?

Regular medical checkup implies routine screening of diseases in human body through physical examination and investigations. This means you will be examined in a clinic from head to toe by your doctor who would afterward request for some important tests to be done. Different types of sample can be taken for these tests. It could be blood, urine or biopsy from any organ in your body. This will be checked under the microscope. A scan can also be requested for.

Also, instrument may be used to view some part of your body and differentiate normal from abnormal. Whichever way your screening for diseases go, it’s all after a goal which is to pick diseases early before it causes more damage in your body. If picked early, reversal might still be possible. A disease that has already affected some other organs in the body may not be cured completely. The individual might need to live with this for the remaining days of his life.

Why is regular medical checkup important?

  1. Regular medical checkup helps pick diseases early before it destroys some other organs in the body.
  2. It helps you to be aware of your health status and lifestyle modification you would require.
  3. It saves you from a lot of cost you would have spent on diseases that has gone far in your body.
  4. It saves you and your family from mental stress. An individual with a disease that has destroyed many organs in the body will be stressed mentally so also the family members taking care of him.

Who should have regular medical checkup?

Regular medical check up is advised in every individual who has passed the teenage years. It is advisable to start early although not all screening will be needed below the age of 40. After 40years, several medical checkup should be carried out every 1-3years depending on the health history of the individual and his family history. Also the result of this will determine when next you will have another checkup.

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