Tips on peptic ulcer disease

peptic ulcer
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Peptic ulcer (commonly called ulcer) usually affects the inner part of the stomach and upper part of the intestine. The inner lining of these organs get eroded leaving a wound like surface called ulcer. The cause of this has been linked to a bacteria called ‘H-pylori’ though the principle behind it is still under research. 

Another factor linked to the cause of ulcer is the excessive production of stomach acid. When this acid is produced beyond the expected level, the stomach lining and upper part of the small intestine get eroded leading to peptic ulcer.

Symptoms of peptic ulcer

People with peptic ulcer usually complain of pain in the center of their chest and upper part of the tommy and occasionally the pain goes to the upper back. Some even complain of discomfort in their tommy. The pain is sometimes described as heart burn or feeling of indigestion. Ulcer pain gets better or even worse after eating depending on the location of the ulcer.

What factors has been linked to the cause of peptic ulcer?

Although the main cause and mechanism behind development of ulcer is not known, research has revealed some factors likely to be responsible for this. A major factor linked to this is a bacteria called H-pylori. Others include the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen, aspirin and diclofenac. Drinking alcohol and smoking can also put an individual at risk of peptic ulcer.

Why you must avoid recurrent episodes of peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer if complicated can become an emergency requiring surgical intervention. The commonest of this is bleeding. This can be in form of a black stool or passage or frank red blood alone or with stool. Sometimes those with this complication can vomit blood.

Peptic ulcer can also perforate. This requires an emergency intervention.

How can recurrent peptic ulcer be prevented?

  • Use of NSAIDs without prescription should be avoided.
  • Smoking and alcoholism should be discontinued.
  • Avoiding whatever you have noticed tilts you to peptic ulcer pain is advisable.


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