‘You are yet to write drug for my newborn’. This is a common statement made by mothers about to be discharged after delivery.  A mother wants to understand why Mrs
The number of women who develop breast cancer has been increasing over the years and the number of deaths due to this disease has also increased. The financial and mental
Symptom relapse is a common reason why mothers visit general outpatient units of hospitals. It is not uncommon to see a caregiver present her child at a health facility agitated
Blood pressure medications are medications prescribed by qualified health personnel when they notice that your blood pressure is high. I have come to realise that a lot of people go
A lot of mothers worry and become confused about misconceptions they are exposed to in relation to childcare. This is worse in first time mums as everyone including neighbours show
Adenoid hypertrophy is a must known for all caregivers. As a caregiver, it might be worrisome seeing your toddler snore while sleeping. You might have observed that he breathes with
high blood sugar
It could be challenging hearing that news for the first time – “you are diabetic (high blood sugar)”. At that point, a lot of questions run through the mind of
rhesus isoimmunization
Most cases of rhesus isoimmunization are not reported. This is due to the association of cultural and religious belief  to some of these cases. A lot of women have lost