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Medical checkup could be lifesaving. Waiting to notice symptoms before you go to clinic for checkup can change who you are forever. What do I mean by this? By the time you are seeing symptoms in some disease conditions, the disease has gone far. This implies it has already affected some organs in your body.

At this stage, you can only prevent the progression of the disease and learn to live with it. On the other hand, if an abnormality is picked during a medical checkup when symptoms are yet to appear, it could be reversed. This article will bring to your knowledge or remind you of the medical checkup you need to go for regardless of you being a male or female.

4 medical checkup for you

1. Blood pressure:

In greater percentage of people with high blood pressure, the cause cannot be determined. A lot of studies done has shown several factors that could put people at risk of developing high blood pressure. These include:

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Being overweight
  • Having other medical conditions like diabetes or high blood cholesterol
  • High blood pressure in previous pregnancies
  • Having someone in your family lineage with high blood pressure

You need to note that high blood pressure does not usually show symptoms. That is why it is called ‘a silent killer’. The complications that could arise from high blood pressure include: stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney damage and blindness.

Checking your blood pressure once in a few months could help prevent the psychological, physical, emotional and financial stress that could result from developing the complications of hypertension.

2. Blood sugar:

High blood sugar is becoming rampant nowadays. Unfortunately, this is usually picked when complication has set in. At this stage, the individual might need to live with this and ensure the blood sugar is brought under control to prevent progression of the disease and further complications.

Checking your blood sugar regularly can help prevent these complications as there is a significant gap between the first time your body can no longer control its sugar and the development of complications.

Most of these complications can affect the quality of life of the individual affected. Wound or ulcers in people living with high blood sugar does not heal on time and if this is not paid attention to, it could result in amputation of the affected leg.

Also, they can develop eye problems ranging from cataract to glaucoma which could result in total blindness. Other complications include stroke, kidney damage, recurrent skin infections, inability to feel sensation in hands and legs. They can even lapse into coma and this is an emergency.

You can prevent these complications by visiting a clinic or laboratory to check your blood sugar regularly.

3. Hepatitis B virus:

Checking for hepatitis B virus can help limit the spread of this virus to your loved ones. Hepatitis B is highly infectious. It is spread through contact of an infected blood or body fluid.

Hepatitis B virus loves the liver and that is where it causes its damage. Although some of those infected with this virus can be carriers (this means the virus hibernate in the liver without causing any damage), it can multiply in others and cause serious damage to the liver. This could lead to liver cancer and death.

If you have tested positive to this virus, you will have the opportunity to monitor the progression through some regular tests. You will know when it starts to multiply and it can then be put under control before it damages the liver.

As you know, the liver is a very vital organ in the body that you cannot live without. You should not wait till its damaged before you take the necessary action. This is why it is advisable you visit a clinic and check your hepatitis B status.

The beautiful thing about hepatitis B is that if you test negative to the virus, you can be vaccinated against it and thereby preventing you from becoming infected when exposed to the virus.

4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV):

Nowadays, a lot of people shy away from knowing their status. This is due to the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV. There are also a lot of myth associated with this disease.

The truth is that you can live a normal life with HIV. You only need to take your drugs and follow your physician’s advice. Please note that these drugs are free.

You might even be living with HIV and you discovered you are pregnant, you do not need to worry. Take your medications, follow your physician’s advice and be regular at the clinic. You can have and nurse a child who does not have the virus. Your newborn could also benefit from these free drugs.

What then happens if you refuse to get tested and you have the virus in your blood? The virus multiplies in your blood, kills your body’s defense system and begin to attack your organs one after the other. This could be deadly. This is why you must know your status. HIV test is free at government health facilities. You can walk in there with your families and get tested.


Developing complications of diseases could be a stressful event for the individual affected, the families and the community. You can save yourself from this stress by visiting a clinic closer to you for a regular medical checkup.

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