Family planning methods you should know

family planning methods
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Selecting the best family planning method is determined by some factors like your weight, blood
pressure, the number of children you have etc. Each individual has a method that will suit his/her body.
Therefore, the best method for you may not be the best for another person.

What are family planning methods?

Family planning methods are the methods adopted by individuals or couple with the aim of having their
desired number of children. These methods also help in spacing of child birth. This means an
individual/couple can space their children as they wish. Please note that family planning is for both
males and females.

Who can go for family planning?

Family planning should be done by any male or female who is sexually active and does not desire to
have a child at that time.

When should you go for family planning?

A woman can start family planning immediately after delivery. Also sexually active individual who does
not desire pregnancy should have family planning done as soon as they can.

What are the family planning methods we have?

Family planning methods vary from temporary to permanent methods and this applies to both males
and females.

The temporary methods

These are methods that can be reversed. This means the individual involved can decide to stop these
methods whenever pregnancy is desired and fertility will return immediately or after sometime.
This include:

A. Pills

i. Combined oral contraceptive pills
ii. Progestogen only pills

B. Implants 

C. Injectables

i. 2 monthly injection (commonly called noristerat)
ii. 3 monthly injection (commonly called depo provera)

D. Contraceptive patch

E. Contraceptive ring

F. Coils (IUD)

i. Copper IUD
ii. Hormonal IUD( levonorgestrel IUD)

G. Condoms

i. Male condoms
ii. Female condoms

H. Lactational amenorrhea

I. Fertility awareness method

J. Withdrawal method

K. Emergency contraception

The permanent methods

These are the methods that cannot be reversed even when pregnancy is desired and fertility rarely returns if this method is stopped.

This include:
A. Male sterilization (vasectomy)
B. Female sterilization (tubal ligation)

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