If novel Corona virus vaccine is eventually discovered, how will it make covid 19 a thing of the past?

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People all over the world have been living their usual life, countries trading with countries, businesses booming, people worshipping in their various churches and mosques, people travelling for get together and several parties until recently when covid 19, a disease caused by novel Corona virus infection shook the world.

The whole world became static at a point after which some countries decided to move on. Number of covid 19 cases keep increasing in some countries, number of deaths from covid 19 can not be overemphasized.

Scientists are trying all their possible best to look for a way out of this. They are working on getting a vaccine that will protect the masses from becoming infected with Corona virus infection thereby bringing Corona virus into extinction. No one knows when this vaccine breakthrough will happen. If it thus happen, how will it bring novel Corona virus infection into extinction?

What is a vaccine?

Our immune system is that part of us that recognizes any stranger that enters the body, attacks it, kills it and prevent it from causing a disease in us. When a bacteria or virus enters our body, the immune system plays it role. Some people have weakened immune system which makes any stranger that enters their body, multiply in the body and cause diseases. Examples of these people are those living with cancer, HIV, elderly, pregnant women  or even some children.

In healthy adult, it is possible for a bacterial or virus to enter the body depending on how strong this stranger is and still overpower the immune system causing infection. This is because the immune system was not prepared enough for it. Although coming down with some of these diseases can cause the body to develop immunity against it, complications of some of the diseases can be deadly. This is why all effort must be put it place to prevent people from coming down with the disease to prevent complications and death. This is where vaccine  comes in. How will a vaccine be of help? 

A vaccine is usually derived from the bacteria or virus. It’s a part of them. It may be a killed form of the bacterial or virus  or a weakened form of these. Its power to cause a serious infection has been tampered with. This vaccine mimics the infection in the body and stimulate the immune system without causing any serious infection. It may bring about some minor symptoms of the disease. This is a sign that the vaccine has been activated. It ensures the immune system recognizes the bacterial or virus, remembers it and stimulate antibody production to attack this stranger anytime it enters the body.

How will corona virus vaccination bring an end to covid 19?

Introduction of the vaccine into the body to stimulate the immune system is called vaccination. You need to note that vaccination is not done on individual basis. It is done at a community level. The vaccine must be given to majority of the masses before the effect can be seen. Some set of people with weakened immune system like those with HIV, cancer, elderly or pregnant women may need to be exempted from vaccination as they can come down with full blown disease because of their weakened immune system. This set of people however will constitute a minor percentage of the population. 

Once the major percentage is vaccinated, the virus will not be able to spread . Even the few percentage not vaccinated will be protected from the virus as the virus needs human to human spread to cause an outbreak. Therefore, the virus will go into extinction after a while.

What happens if minority takes the vaccine and majority does not?

A lot of myths about vaccination may put fear in people, this can lead to them going against the vaccination. What then happens? There will be an opportunity for human to human transmission of the virus. This can be fatal and can lead to a second outbreak even if remission has being achieved already. 


In light of the above, vaccination of the majority is a very important factor in bringing an end to covid 19. If a vaccine is eventually discovered for Corona virus infection, the success of making covid 19 a thing of the past will depend on the percentage of people that are vaccinated.

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