Contraceptive injection

contraceptive injection
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Contraceptive injections are given to women with the aim of preventing pregnancy. This injection contains the hormone progestin. It is given every 2 or 3 months depending on the type chosen.

About contraceptive injection

This injection is given in the buttocks or upper part of the arm. The hormone is then released slowly from this injection site into the blood. If contraceptive injection is taken the right way, it is very effective.

How does contraceptive injection works?

Contraceptive injection helps to prevent ovulation. When there is no ovulation, there can be no fertilization. It also helps to thicken cervical mucus thereby making the cervix unfavorable for the sperm to pass through. Contraceptive injection works by thinning out the inside of the womb thereby preventing any egg that eventually become fertilized from attaching itself inside the womb.

What side effects can arise from the use of contraceptive injection?

You may experience irregular, lighter or heavier periods and there may even be no period at all. You may also experience weight gain, breast tenderness or mood swings. Return to fertility is not immediate, it may take up to a year or more.

What are the other health benefits of contraceptive injection?

  1. It reduces the risk of endometrial cancer and pelvic infection.
  2. It reduces menstrual cramps and pain.

When can you start contraceptive injection?

It can be started at any time in your menstrual cycle. If started within the first 5days of your menstrual cycle, you do not need a backup family planning method. If started after the first 5days of your menstrual cycle, a backup family planning method will be required for 7days.

For a woman who just delivered, the injection can be started at any time after delivery if she is not breastfeeding. If breastfeeding, it’s started 6weeks after delivery. You also need to note that if contraceptive injection is started within the first 21days after delivery, no backup family planning method will be required. If started after first 21days of delivery, a backup method will be required for 7days.

After a miscarriage, contraceptive injection can be started anytime. If started within the first 5days after a miscarriage, no backup method is required. If started more than 5days after a miscarriage, a backup method will be required for 7days.

Who should avoid contraceptive injection?

  1. Women with breast cancer or liver disease.
  2. Women with heart disease or stroke.
  3. Women with bone problems.

What are the common types of contraceptive injection available?

  1. 2monthly injection (Norethisterone enantate/Noristerat): this is given every 8weeks.
  2. 3monthly injection (Depot-medroxyprosterone acetate/Depo provera): it is given every 13weeks.


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