Over the years, it has been discovered that a lot of people desire to know about their medical conditions. They ask series of questions to know what the disease condition is all about, the cause, how they can manage their life with it, how it could have been prevented, a lot and a lot more.

Some without medical problems ask about how to maintain their health, the type of food to eat and important lifestyle modifications. Everyone intend to have a long life in good health, this brought about the search for health knowledge. Some even come around to ask about topics they read on the internet, they want a better understanding of it.

Also, my heart bleeds when i see people dying from medical conditions that could have been prevented. Some of these death could have been prevented if they had sort for treatment earlier. Emergency departments in secondary and tertiary facilities are usually filled up all because some people were not educated on preventive measures.

In light of the above, this platform was created to educate the masses in a basic language they can understand. We are here to let you know how to live healthy, about common health problems and important preventive measures. We also believe this knowledge will help people seek treatment early, thereby preventing complications. This will lead to reduction in morbidity and mortality.